5 Years of Spitpainting

4. February 2018 / Categories :  Speedpainting


you maybe wonder “what is a spitpainting”. Well, it is a speedpainting, but finished in the 3o minute maximum time-span. I did a few every year inside the official spitpainting group on facebook. Every day there are 4 topics posted and there are artists participating in any style.

Some argue, that it is total bullshit, because that is not the way “one works professionally” or “paints” and I kind of do agree. That’s not like real work. It is more of a fun practice and a challange for itself. There are many artists (and even good ones) that are not able to do something like that and be satisfied at the end. I personally don’t know if I will pick it up again, but I thought why not show my works of the last few years?


Spitpainting of 2013

I heavily got into Artrage at that time (#2 & #3). I loved that traditional look. The first one here is “alien intruders” (and photoshop).

spitpainting alien

weather demon spitpainting



Spitpainting of 2014

Either trying filters and effects or again, playing around in Artrage. The third one is “monster dissection”.

demon fantasy speedpainting

underground tribe spitpainting

spitpainting monster

Spitpainting of 2015

First one is cyberpunk “dungeon crawler” (look at that cool neck) and second one an underwater zombie!

cyberpunk spitpainting

underwater zombie spitpainting


Spitpainting of 2016

#1 & #2 are “underground homes”. The first one spontaneous Artrage play, the second one more planned and ghibli-inspired.

spitpainting or speedpainting

underground ghibli spitpainting



Spitpainting of 2017

FILTERS. Or just classy brushwork as in the “rusty giant” #2. The third was started as drawing. Still love those ghost blades :3

cyborg god speedpainting

spitpainting rusty


Are Spitpaintings worth doing?

If you got no fundamentals it just will be frustrating and a damn hard time. 30 Minutes will be over in a blink and you will wonder what you did all the time. I also had some super-fails, that I did not post to spare your cute eyeballs from it. If you want to boost your efficiency for things like concept art or sketching it is great. Being creative is important too, and so there are from time to time some works popping up in the group, that are not technical masterpieces, but hyped up because the ideas is brilliant.

Stay persistant and take the time you need!


You liked it and want more?

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