My Painting Process Videos #1

27. December 2018 / Categories :  Resources, Speedpainting


another year is over soon and I am super hyped for 2019, what’s about you? Well maybe you already saw that I started a stream on twitch. I am painting live there and talking with people, like for example my friend Ina Auderieth, but also chatting with you guys and answering questions (: To find out more about it and how to join me at the bottom of the post.

A heartfelt shout-out to fellow streamer Missfomm, lady Sleeplikewolves, and my long time art mate David (yelenovsky), for hanging out with me so much!


My Full Process Videos

Tip: Speed up the videos by clicking onto the gearwheel in the right lower corner!


concept art video process


how to paint a demon


occult demon painting


landscape painting process


aynbath rain


embryo der cult goth party


Diverse Digital Painting Processes

These are all full process digital painting videos. Aside from classy painting I use several tools like layers, layer effects, filters, the lasso tool, mirroring and transforming. I think these are interesting to see the building up of the scenes and my approaches in building the illustrations. All of them could be called speedpaintings, because they are still just a few hours work max.


Watch me paint live!

My main platform is TWITCH, feel free to follow there and join my stream (:
If you don’t want to sign up anywhere just join me on PICARTO. You can chat as a guest there.

[ [ To see my recent stream times go to my twitch channel ] ]


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