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23. January 2018 / Categories :  Resources


I always loved creating symbols and playing with letters. That’s why I was engaged in logo development, also for myself, pretty early. In this post I am presenting my more recent logos and the development of my new (2018) version of my dynamic logo.

“A dynamic logo, as opposed to a static logo, changes form depending on context. (…) While certain aspects of dynamic logos stay constant, designers have a lot of freedom to explore variations of color, shape, and presentation.” (source)


First Aerozopher Ligature

Since my shift to my recent “identity” I initially had created this logo you probably know:

ae logo

It consists of the æ from the word aerozopher, the alchemy symbol for air and the circle/ouroboros.



Why those Symbols?

The cycle of breathing in and breathing out is the perfect analogy for the sinus graph of life, the taking and giving of life in this polar reality. Those aspects you can find in my artist alias too. Not for nothing is the lung the greatest surface of the human body (Read more  about the importance of right breathing here). Breaking through this cycle, as well as cutting yourself off the life-connecting element of air, leads to your destruction and death. The Ouroborus for me is the ultimate symbol of allconnectedness, infinity and repeating of patterns.


Dynamic Logo Versions of the Æ

In the last few years I developed several other versions of the ligature, depending on the context of the artwork:

aerozopher logos

*1: Cellsquare Logo for my Cellsquare Series and I also use it for my Instagram posts.

*2: The Glitch Version inspired by Cyberpunk Visuals.

*3: The Elf Sigil. A completely different style I like using in Fantasy pieces – for example the Fairy Blast.

*4: Modern Stroke AE Ligature. I used this one pretty often last year. A more handsigned approach.

*5: The Brush Swing AE Ligature. For rough and traditional looking pieces.


Developing the 2018 Ligature

As prework I had Benno Gabler fill a few sheets of paper with drafts and experiments regarding the lowercase a and e letters.

typography by benno gabler

After that I sat down and experimented digitally, trying to build a proper ligature from his input. Checking out several versions of the ae letter, as for example the one here in the text, I found this to be the best solution and in the process created a twist anagram too. Screenshot from the process:

logo work

Sooo, here you go. This is my new version that I will establish in 2018. As you can see the characteristics are the same as with my typed out logo you can see in the header of this blog. One could rotate this new version and it still would look the same:


I hope you enjoyed this very different post from me and maybe are inspired to sit down and think about your own visual representation online.


Do you want your own Logo too?

I wanted to mention, that logo development is one of my specialties in graphic design and if you need one feel free to send me a mail to aerozopher(at) I like doing very minimalist graphic logos aswell as (black)metalesque obscure ones. My friend Benno Gabler is there for typography-heavy stuff like Fraktur style Handlettering.

Benno’s homepage is still under construction.

To see my recent Logo Portfolio click here.


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