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I wanted to compile my favorites from my collection on deviantart for a while now. All free and you can learn a lot by copying or just looking closely and trying things for yourself. If you want to see more and different resources go here. I personally learned a lot in my first years of digital painting by looking closely at what people like Luke Mancini did in the process.

There are
– Detailed Tutorials with Steps
– Just Step-By-Steps of Paintings
– Step-by-Steps that mix 3D with Painting

Let me know if you found this helpful, or if you got another good one for inclusion into the post.


♦ Detailed Tutorials with Steps ♦

Those are super important to also be able to follow the thoughts of the artist and know the tools or effects they are using.


Ukitakumuki’s Sons of Orion

Also a very detailed tutorial and especially going into realistic lighting. Much recommended.



Andantonius’ Big Tutorial

He goes into digital painting itself. This one is good for starting out.



Algenpfleger’s War

This can be called a detailed tutorial with explanations. Also really recommended.



Luke Mancini’s Skyrazor

Step by Step with notes. Another one like that here. He was one of my major inspirations and source of learning in my beginnings.

luke mancini



♦ Just Step by Steps of Paintings ♦

For some they may be just fancy to look at and not helpful at all, but I think you can learn much if you copy the workflow for once and try certain things out.


Andrei Pervukhin’s Tragedy in the Sky

Steps of this marvellous fantasy illustration piece, without explanation though.

andrei pervukhin


Verehin’s Chronos

From digital sketch to the polished piece, Step by Step. Another one like that: Green Dragon (especially the 100% view is interesting!)



Algenpfleger’s Restoration Angel

Just steps of Algenpfleger’s lasso-tool heavy workflow. Another example like that: Kiriban



Nieris’ Fairy Dust

Classy digital approach, drawing with local colors and then all the light and details gradually put in.



Peter Ortiz’ Insuffer

Step by Step with many shots from very rough doodle to the polished piece.

peter ortiz



♦ Step by Steps that mix 3D with Painting ♦

Those are especially helpful when you are dealing with architecture, but you can use 3d for everything basically. If you got this extra skill. This style of working is mostly used in concept art.


Andree Wallin’s Interior Tutorial

Detailed from 3D Build to a final concept piece.

andree wallin


Sandara’s Raven Altar

Example of step by step from 3D build to the final painting.



FeiGiap’s City Scenes

Just Step by Step shots from Google Sketchup to painting. Another one like that here (press download).

anime style



See more Resources

I hope you liked this. To see all my posted resources click here.

To get future resources go here:



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    si11aby / 01 Aug

    Really helpful collection, thank you

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    max wind arts / 18 Mar

    My friend mentioned there are good things on your site. I started with digital painting a year ago and this collection is really good -> went into my bookmarks for later!

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    ninetynine / 19 Mar

    Thanks a lot for providing us with an exceptionally well picked collection of resources =).

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