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I got those few topics brooding for a while and want to share it with the curious reader and fellow artist. I just had to put this out, even if it was a gradual slow note file lurking in my drafts and growing every time I felt like ranting.

Overview Part 1:

Facebook Deletion –> Questioning Yourself –> What do you want? –> You’re gonna die.

Overview Part 2:

Building your Business –> Curiosity and Persistence –> Attention is Gold –> Still: Life and Love


social media depression


Facebook Deletion

It’s verified by psychologists and other specialists: Facebook Depression is real.

Everyone is active, trying to spread themselves everywhere like a virus.. Everyone’s showing their chocolate side. Their good works, their good moments.. and then? They are depressed with their lifes, because they compare. They scroll through their feed and everything looks so great … … “Why is everyone so happy and great?” OK, stop.

“Exposure to the carefully curated images from others’ lives leads to negative self-comparison, and the sheer quantity of social media interaction may detract from more meaningful real-life experiences (…)” (Source: CNBC)

We tend to compare ourselves and we tend to participate because we feel like missing out. In my opinion Facebook eats a lot of worthy lifetime you’ll never get back again… Reminds me of that legendary Quote of Marc Levy “Imagine there is a bank account that credits your account each morning with $86,400.. (…)”.

“Now, a new study in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology finds that not only do Facebook and depressive symptoms go hand-in-hand, but the mediating factor seems to be a well-established psychological phenomenon: “Social comparison.” That is, making comparisons, often between our most humdrum moments and our friends “highlight reels” – the vacation montages and cute baby pics – is what links Facebook time and depressive symptoms together.” (Source: Forbes)

Stop receiving, stop being there as product for facebook’s ads. Stop being the like-machine for other’s content I say. Why don’t you start doing your own thing? Either you go on complaining or you do something about it.. For me my showdown was in 2016: Realizing how facebook is designed to ACT LIKE A DRUG and that facebook page reach got crippled massively I deleted my private account (I created a FB group called “Stryke’s leaving Facebook” and I’ve put all contact infos in there and add all the people I thought would care). I’m so glad I did!!

Great Video About Social Media Depression

Video About Quitting Social Media

Video About How Facebook acts like a Drug


IN SHADOW short film

(Shot from the genius Short Film IN-SHADOW. So dark but still empowering! You gotta see this..)


Questioning Yourself

After spending years to expand my presence and my work.. I really started to wonder why. Why? Why do I do this? Where does this activity stem from? Is spamming the web really the best thing to do in my situation? Or do I have to focus on something else? How many hours was I scrolling through my front page and wasting life time, and how many hours am I spending putting out quality content myself? Well, fuck.

I was well aware of the other extreme: People being really damn good, but sabotaging themselves by not putting themselves out there.. yes – that’s an issue too.

If you ask them why, they say they are not good enough. You NEVER are “good enough”. We are on a journey without goal. A mountain hike without a mountaintop. We are working towards mastery aren’t we? Yes we are and we think we got to be as good as a 45 years old pro RIGHT NOW, even though we are 25. That’s ridiculous.

That’s not fair. Not fair to yourself.


Speaking of it, have you seen my progress in art? Check it out here:

15 Years of Art; Looking Back!



What do you want?

Before I start I just want to mention, that it’s verified:  You should write down your goals if you actually want to achieve them! (Source) That’s so helpful and important. I’d put that into my schedule right now if I was you q;

So getting back on track: I asked myself.. “What do I want?”
Wait.. is ‘want’ the right word? Are you entitled to demand something off this world? No one owes me shit!
So I wish..

I wish to live off art-work. And I’ll do my best to maintain and expand it.
(Because I don’t want to work for other’s profits, I want to live what I love and spread what I find beautiful. You too? Great!)

I wish to create things that change other people’s perspective on this world.
(Because I realized a shift in perspective is one of the most important steps to realization and wisdom)

I wish to create beauty for those who are likeminded.
(There are few things as beautiful as to find a piece of art that is totally resonating with oneself)

I wish to spark discussions and dialogues.
(Because dialogues are evolution, because in my experience there is nothing as full of realization as good open talks)

I wish to distill all my impressions into something even greater.
(Because I want to create something “new”, something fascinating. I think it is our programming, the infinite puzzle expanding..)

I wish to create a world / expand the world.
(Because I miss the mysticism, the depth, the unexplored maps in this world. And I want to create the fascination in others that ignited so many flames in me in the past.)

PS: Okay so I hope you know the rule of attraction. The best you can do to become something, is being something right now. Your inner state matters [:


“You’re gonna die.”

So stop wasting your fucking time. That quote by Gary Vee is so spot on. Nothing new, but so spot on.

You think you need a brand new car? You are burning your money on temporary bullshit, wasting on drugs and partying? The only thing you effectively do is watching shit shows on netflix? “You are losing..”

I was playing computer games in my teens (hl2 deathmatch, unreal tournament and what not), yes it was fun, but thinking about it I lost so much potential back then. If I could turn back time I would start with conventions back then. I’d start with instagram in the very beginning when it was brand new..

But you can’t turn back time. You only can realize. Now. And I realized what’s going on years ago and took action. Funny enough I tried some games in the last few years but they failed to drag me in. I was looking through the patterns too fast and was bored and feeling like WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING. I’m not playing a product, I’M THE PRODUCT. I’m making them profit and waste my precious life time.. that’s fucked up.


gary vee advice


Building your Business

If you really want to live off art.. or anything else as an entrepreneur – you got to put your best in for years and will not get anything back in the beginning! And one of the most remarkable things that got stuck in my head lately: Build your brand. It will remain, but products come and go… Sure – it all takes time to build up. It’s like a fungus that grows and grows. The first days are the hardest, but when it made it through them it grows bigger faster – it accelerates. And ends up as one of the biggest organisms on earth.

Check out those big instagrammers, they get 100 followers a day. A DAY. But you can only grow that fast if you are already at 100 k.


graph of business raising


Curiosity and Persistence

I don’t have much understanding for people showing up at a Convention and having a shit table. There are so many resources online, guys. Why don’t you just read and watch them? YOU NEED curiosity and ongoing learning in this world or you will fuck up big time.

Of course trial and error is part of the process and not throwing all over just you fucked up once (again) is part of the game. I found myself struggling many times too. Go outside and take a walk – there is a world outside, it’s not all about this one fucked up situation. Every failure will bring you forward if you take your consequences from it.

aerozopher dokomi 2019

(Shots from my pimped set up at Dokomi 2019. Note that own back wall and the floating Rain Set. We also had a bunch of crafted items with us.)


Attention is Gold

I realized you can complain about how you wanna do this and that and don’t have time.. Well every week you wait further you lose. Because as Gary Vee points out so often, attention and reach are today’s gold. Grab it and squeeze it as early as possible – because we will regret not having done so after the prices for facebook and instagram ads doubled or trippled.. And YES it is legit to use those to grow your business. It’s not cheating. It’s a tool just like everything. You don’t owe anyone a 100% organic hashtag growth..

If you know you are doing quality work, then don’t sabotage yourself but scale your shit up! The more people see your quality product, the more people know you exist, the more can actually buy it from you and support you. Gary Vee is putting it right on the silver tablet in this great vid. Check it out.


Still: Life and Love

It’s beautiful to give, to talk to other artists. Seeing them grateful after you tell them they are doing great. Exchanging experiences. Building contacts with interesting people and find out you could work together in an epic manner. YES.

Give yourself good food. It’s the fuel for your life (: Spend time with your friends, I think grinding it every day and not seeing anyone in person is bullshit! Some may do this, but they will burn out and be FORCED to stay still by sickness or accident. Everyone got a different pace, I doubt it’s good to imitate the brutal grinders P;

So be good to yourself but keep hustling guys!

And please comment below. I’m curious about your thoughts!



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    GolemOfTime / 10 Jul

    Interesting… It’s definitely solid advice but I think a lot of artists (especially young artists) can find info like this very overwhelming and sometimes damaging. Whenever experienced artists mention video games, social media and how “the art industry is a capitalistic nightmare and if you don’t spend every waking moment making art you’ll fall behind”, type stuff I feel like they gloss over the fact that a lot of young artists probably don’t have access to the professional environments, connections and friends that long time artists have.
    For example a while back Jordan Peterson did a talk about how a lot of younger males dump so much time into video games because they can’t stand the world around them and video games is their way of escaping, I think the same can apply to certain aspects of social media. Where I live most of the people my age have no aspirations and would rather live fast and die young than have any kind of stable future, so social media is a way for me to find people with a similar mindset. This discord group itself falls under the social media category and without it I probably would’ve given up on art a while ago.

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    FrankFaith / 10 Jul

    I needed that. Thanks!!

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