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5. July 2019 / Categories :  Resources


Hey folks,

I am happy to finally announce the zine here on my blog that I have been organizing this spring. I also chose the artists and curated their artworks into this rad compendium (besides doing the graphic design and branding etc)! Every artist here was chosen out of admiration and respect (:


Curating the Contributions

After I’ve designed the spread variations (it was clear to me, that it will be necessary to be able to choose between spread variations) I looked through all my fave artists. I already had started a list of esoteric/occult artists on my phone, but now really actively searched further and browsed instagram extensively. Very early I realized I would not put in the classy morbid skull artists in this compendium – got so bored by that and most are _just_ morbid and nothing else.




Organizing the Zine

For organizing and fast communication I created an internal secret website with all the infos, principles and samples of already joined artists.
The DOAZ principles I’ve put up were:

◉ Every artist is also an instagrammer and will be credited on their spread.

◉ Every contributor is allowed to print and sell the zine as much as they want.

◉ No one has to invest in printing & selling (but will still get free promotion though the others)

Distribution is only allowed for contributing artists, not third parties

(I created a contract where all of us agreed upon copyright, file usage and the principles)


occult art zine


The Contributors (14)

These are the included artists, I’m sending much love to everyone and thank you for supporting the project!

@alchemicaldancer ( Achaic and iconic paintings, website )
@aynbath ( My Graphic Novel Project: Aynbath )
@slave_eye ( Very interesting Blog: ) ( Surreal red visions: daena on artstation )
@drownedorange ( Dark and nature inspired art, shop: DO )
@ikosidio ( Incredible Patch & Art Shop: ikosidio )
@ina_auderieth ( Working on a Tarot: ) ( Masterful symbol juggler and tattoo artist at ondo )
@massikka ( Watch out for his epic inktober pieces every year )
@minkitus ( Surreal and dreamy as you’ve not seen it before )
@nnyhr ( Doing and selling wonderful originals: nnyhr )
@rowanecassidy ( Graphic Novel in Work: Defixion )
@thefieldalchemist ( Beautiful nature and alchemy inspired art )
@vjecnost_art ( Crushes it with those filigree drawings)


esoteric art zine


Buy the Zine

For those who still value physical artifacts, you find the zine in my shop (: You’ll enjoy browsing through this art collection! Click below:

[If you are on my list, please access the shop through one of my mails to get 15 % off!]

dark occult art zine


Impressions from Instagram

Spreading the word is still in progress, more posts featuring it will come soon for sure (:

DOAZ on instagram



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    necromujahid / 16 Jul

    The idea might be not new, but I like the concept of artist-organizing and artist-exclusive distributing very much! Maybe I will join ye any time 🙂

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