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since I got this huge collection of bookmarks in my browser and realized there is a bunch of color scheme related stuff I thought why not make it a collection post for my blog. Just click on the images to get to the posts 🙂


On Color Schemes by Jesper Ejsing

Starting with a lighter read here. He shows a bunch of works plus the main colors used. I love the simplicity of his works and yes, they are really saturated and colorful.

Check his whole post here and what he tells about his main influences:

jesper ejsing


Sam Nielson on Color Schemes

Again an intersting blog and this is the one post about color schemes. Check it out

sam nielson color


Howard Lyon on Harmonious Palettes

He breaks down temperature and how to limit your palette to make everything more harmonious:



James Gurney on Gamut Masking

The legendary Author and Illustrator of Dinotopia has a very informative blog online where I collected those links:

Intro: Color Wheel Masking – Masking: Creating your Palette – Part 1: Comparison and introduction – Part 2: Gamut Masking 2 – Part 3: Further read and Video

james gurney


Database of Colors in Movies

If you don’t know it yet, colorsinmovies.com have masses of movie screen caps with the color palette belonging to it online:

color themes of movies


More on the Topic

You can find another 2 helpful tools for color schemes and gamut masking in another post of me. If you know any other super interesting links related to the topic I could include just send me a mail to aerozopher(at)posteo.net.


See more Resources

I hope you liked this. To see all my posted resources click here.

To get future resources go here:


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