Waterfall Ruin Photobash

17. January 2018 / Categories :  Digital


so here I am – first photobash image I am posting on the new blog. It is a great technique because you can focus on aspects of the illustration more, that elsehow are maybe not as dominant in your consciousness. This one is made of three photos, parts cut out and partly painted in. To see more of my landscape paintings click here.

waterfall ruins


The 3 Pieces of the Puzzle

The inspiration and idea for the image came from looking through scenery photography and reminding me of the symbol of the river, which just recently appeared in one of my dreams. Those 3 photos you see below are what the illustration is made of. I took them from Fairiegoodmother’s gallery:

waterfall rocks and ruins


Thoughts on the Theme…

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”


This quote describes the nature of all things actually. Always changing and moving and I got to think of the Ship of Theseus, which describes the paradox of identity under those circumstances. Read more here.

Sitting next to a waterfall and listening to its soothing voice is so relaxing – feel free to imagine yourself in those old ruins that got flooded centuries ago..


You liked it and want more?

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    warein / 25 Jul

    Cool work, i love it.

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