Return to a Place of Power

29. November 2017 / Categories :  Digital


as I did with the Birch Gate, I thought why not get back to this one personal milestone (not in the sense of being technically a masterpiece, but in the style and motive). I remember how different my approach was. I worked really slow and I also was inspired by the cover artworks of Dornenreich.

So here I show you the original piece Σύννεφα I am talking about (created 2012):

surreal illustration


Returning to the Place of Power

I followed my intuition and didn’t stay too true to the original, neither I did much planning; but I think the relation is obvious. Also this version is more magickal:

(I tried to convey a special/rare lighting as what I love to see in real life and I also focused on simplifying out-of-focus elements)

magickal gate in the desert

Closing with three Quotes:

“Some people believe that cloud formations can be omens in and of themselves. Have you ever looked at a cloud and seen something that gave you a sign? Called aeromancy, the use of clouds for divination is a popular form of augury. Rain clouds can symbolize darkness and gloomy feelings, but on a sunny spring day, they can be positive symbols of cleansing.” (Source)

“Clouds in the sky very much resemble the thoughts in our minds! Both change perpetually from one second to another”

-Mehmet Murat ildan

“Clouds, they make a painting out of the sky.”

-Marty Rubin


Stay tuned and inspired,



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    ShaK / 31 Dec

    This is my favorite 🙂

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    Prithivi / 03 Mar

    Good luck with your blog. Content of your blog is quite good!

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    stelmach the great / 05 Aug

    You make it appear so easy, but I struggle to reinvent old pieces. Love this white desert place)

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