Blood Moon Eclipse MMXVII

13. September 2018 / Categories :  Digital

Hey guys,

yes, this time I’m surprising you with a completely different approach! Pairing watercolor with occult art and blood-red clouds! You’ve all heard of this year’s blood moon or seen him.


What did the Blood Moon mean?

In astrology, the Moon rules over our our intuition and emotional body. He allows us to feel and reminds us that we are more than just what we can see in every day life. And of course it’s all connected with the feminine side of our reality.

Lunar Eclipses in Astrology are viewed as being deeply transformative times that can bring abrupt and sudden change. This was not true for myself – instead it just felt like a door closing while another one opened as a symbolic marking point.

It’s said that humans had a heightened sensitivity on the day of the Blood Moon Eclipse and that a portal would open. This image of the dark red portal was also the most predominant in me. That’s why I felt like creating this piece of art here (:


Finally an Illustration in Watercolor Style

With this piece I used all my sigil making experience, geometry and aesthetic as found in classy black and white occuIt art. This time I also finally made use of Kyle’s Watercolor Brushes which were newly added to the default photoshop brushes! I love that kind of traditional art, but do it way to rarely. I think it fits extremely well with that sky and cloud thematic.

aerozopher's blood moon eclipse artwork

I will sell this artwork as mini-poster on my next conventions, but you can also order it in the aerozopher shop or by contacting me.


Photos of the Traditional Artwork

A close up of the pencil construction of the illustration’s geometric structure:


More photos of the original ink drawing and some sigilized typo work:

moon eclipse 2018


You liked it and want more?

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    Alex / 20 Jan

    Das hängt jetzt bei mir im Flur, dieser Aquarell-Look bringts einfach!

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    Nikita / 29 Mar

    Not seen anything comparable ever. Astonishing.

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