Interplay: A Dark Acrylic Series

20. Juli 2017 / Categories :  Traditional

Hey Leute,

this is a traditional series I did back in 2013, going away from the figurative approach and putting onto canvas what partly occupied my mind after reading books on spiritual topics.

I’m reposting this, because I never posted it publicly and thought it may interest some of my fans and people keen to dark music (;


The Dark Paintings with Infos

Some are sold out, but a few are still available -> SHOP


“Birth/Death” ~ 13,7 x 20,6 cm, Acrylics on Canvas
Showing a visual manifestation of the Birth-Death-Duality as it may look on another plane.


“Life” ~ 20,6 x 13,8 cm, Acrylics on Canvas
The marks and splitters of the individual’s pursuit spread all over the place.


“The Crowd” ~ 20,5 x 13,8 cm, Acrylics on Canvas
Lonely even though moving through a chaotic crowd; seen by no one, but seeing everything and everyone.


“Hope” ~ 13,8 x 20,3 cm, Acrylics on Canvas
The far light of being breaking through the dark mist of thoughts and memories again.



“Dreamscape” ~ 15,9 x 20,1 cm, Acrylics on Canvas
Wandering the all-changing morphing dreamscape in many bodies. Never really arriving anywhere.


last flight

“Last Flight” ~13,8 x 20,7 cm, Acrylics on Canvas
What is falling when there is no ground? The divine self moving through a storm of attachments.


dark entities

“Surrounded” ~ 12,2 x 20,7 cm, Acrylics on Canvas
Surrounded by frightening entities, caged in a place with no exit, unable to see beyond.


“Gates” ~ 24,1 x 17,0 cm, Acrylics on Canvas
Invisible to the bare eye, we open gateways, break through layers and create.



“Civilization” ~ 21,2 x 29,6 cm, Acrylics on Canvas
And as finale: On a hug scale, civilzation as a tremendous stream, sucking new young souls/entities into its belly.




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    Domi / 31 Jul

    Really nice – for me it’s like a journey through hades etc.. The granular look is able to convey a dreamy, dark atmorphere, too, like an unclear vision into this vortex of reincarnation or even damnation. My favourite series so far !

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    Maria Merte / 06 Aug

    Die hattest du auch auf der Con dabei, stimmts?

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    vira / 28 Mrz

    What an inspiring series. I gotta get one of these sooooooon :3

  • Antworten

    teten / 29 Mrz

    marvelous series..

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