From Chaos to Control

2. August 2017 / Categories :  Speedpainting

This is an exercise in speedpainting basically, but this one approach is inspired by Feng Zhu, a concept artist dinosaur recently based in Singapore. He worked on projects like Star Wars III, the first Dead Space, and Dark Sector and the like.

If you want to see an example of the process check this video out.


Older one but wanted to show because I liked it a lot:


Older one and very fast; an example of how abstract it still can remain but convey some atmosphere and depth:


This one is from recently. It went into the “jungle at night” direction:


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    wit / 06 Aug

    your blog is so inspiring, real great design and great text-to-image ratio.


  • Antworten

    michael kor / 29 Mrz

    wow! this is really awesome. thank you

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