My 5 Favorite Free Visual Online Tools

17. Juli 2017 / Categories :  Resources

Hey Leute,

there are many online resources out there nowadays and I thought “why not share the ones I bookmarked from all of those I stumbled upon. Many have heard of sumo paint for example, which can be useful under certain circumstances, but I’m not talking about this kind of “tools” here. Those i’m listing here are of a different kind. Either to enhance an artwork or for preparation to create one. Enjoy.


#1: Image Glitch Tool

image glitch tool

This online tool is great for all kinds of glitching and the way I’m using it is I’m saving many good versions of the glitched image to my computer and then do a digital collage of all the parts I liked in the several files. The only two downsides about it are that you often only get a really really messy load and that the filesize you can upload and glitch is a bit small for my taste.


#2: Paletton

me using paletton

Paletton is the kind of tool that is super basic and probably used by a wide variety of artists, including graphic designers and painters. You can create everything from monochromatic palettes to tetradic ones. And it shows you nice examples of your palette too.


#3: Silk Interactive

Everyone loves this thing. It’s just so much fun creating mandalas and crazy stuff with it. That rotational symmetry is fun to use and beautiful outcomes are easy to achieve. I think using the art created with it as magic effects or sigils in illustrations is a great possibility.


#4: The Gamut Mask

This visual online tool is especially created for painters and is supposed to render the creation of a gamut mask easy. The design of the website is like some artifact of the 90s, but the tool works well and gives you many options. It was also recommended by James Gurney.


#5: Depthy

Depthy gives you the ability to create a moving 3d gif out of a 2d picture or artwork. It’s tricky to use, but you can do some fancy stuff with it. You can create an anaglyph 3d file from it too. I personally haven’t managed to create one that really satisfy me, but maybe it works better for you.


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    Mary K / 28 Jul

    Gotta try these soon (:

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