Snowy Mountain (With Steps)

10. Dezember 2017 / Categories :  Digital


here we now had the first snow and it is beautiful.

Today I will show you the steps of this scenery painting I did. Below it you can see the steps of the painting process.

snowy mountain by aerozopher

“The mountain symbol maps directly to the psychological towers of meaning. Mountains symbolize a getting closer to a higher power, to some universal principle, which is what a tower of meaning is: a universal meaning construct standing above the rest of the constructs in the landscape of our mind.  High up on a mountain we gain a wider view of the world, a higher view of the world, a view that is borne from a growing consciousness, and since I have argued that we expand our consciousness by building towers of meaning, we can again map mountains to such towers. (…)

The mountain symbol is not just similar to towers of meaning–the mountain symbol is the archetype and the physical expression of the towers of meaning; Reflecting on it and dreaming about it is reflecting and dreaming about higher consciousness.” (Source)


Process Steps:

Here you go. I love those paintsy brushes, it adds so much depth and detail.

snowy landscape


After experimenting with several crops I also liked this one:

fantasy viking landscape


You liked it and want more?

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    Anthony / 26 Jul

    Your landscapes are marvellous!

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