Nature: In Insuperabilis

28. Juli 2017 / Categories :  Digital

I wanted to show nature as an entity. The womb and grave of all life. Supported, held by invisible powers: the many invisible natural laws as “gods” of this plane we live in. Kind of ruling our world. Nature as insurmountable; mortal in pieces, immortal as a whole. And on the edge stands man – crumbling under nature’s immense presence.

Technical: I worked with the lasso tool in photoshop A LOT (See how here). Mostly painting only inside selected areas and keeping everything sharp and crispy by that.

Inspiration: I was highly inspired by Derrick Jensen’s Endgame Books (Derrick speaking on Youtube)


Did you know that blue was the last color perceived by humans? I chose it because I think it resembles the evolved consciousness of man.



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    veryspider / 18 Mrz

    Love the powerful presentation, @aerozopher 🙂 The angle and foreshortening effect are done super nicely, and I love how you utilised the majority of the canvas’ real estate to accentuate the enormity and grandeur of Mother Earth 🙂 Very, very cool <3

    I also like the tension and crackle of the colours you used here, they really captured the epic ideas that you're presenting 🙂

    And lastly, the blinding sky and the dark underside of the boulder, complemented with the pale blue and pale green effects wraps this picture into a powerful finish <3 Gorgeous work ! Love it !

    *ntopaz commment

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