Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Fanart: Windmerge

1. September 2017 / Categories :  Digital


while everyone was playing Pokemon back then, I was obsessed with …

dragon warrior monsters 2

Yeah, that’s right. Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 is the shit and unfortunately not that well known (It’s from Enix, if you remember them). Part of the Dragon Quest Series it is in my opinion way more awesome than Pokemon. You can and have to actually breed your monsters and they are not all so fucking cute, but also really badass and creepy. I loved the setting, the mood, finding new epic monsters and fighting bosses. Just a beautiful beautiful gem for the game boy (color).


My Fanart – A Comparison

Soo, I thought “why not do a fanart piece” or rather a re-illustrated Version of one of the monsters. It is not my favorite but here you go: It’s Windmerge!

windmerge from dragon warrior monsters 2

This is the original sprite as seen in the game. I always liked the look of this guy so I did a ballpoint drawing and then colorized it digitally in photoshop. The digitalizing of the fanart drawing didn’t work well, because the lines were too thin, but there you go:

windmerge fanart


Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 – The Game

If you want to learn more about it, Mathew Omara wrote a great article about the game. I really got to say I love love love this game, and I’ve also a love for Dragon Quest Monsters / Dragon Warrior Monsters (the first one), which was different from DWM 2 but also had many of the same monsters and was kind of part of the same universe.

I will definitely do more fanart in my life, since this was THE game of my childhood and early teen years. I still have my incredible 999 Stat Monster Teams sleeping in my cartridge. I hope I will be able to play against my brother as well one day. I made him love the game too and we both never had a tournament going on between us (because we didn’t play the game on game boy colors and you need special link cables too). Nostalgiaaaaaaaa..





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    Hektor / 27 Jul

    arte grandioso!

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    kaymix / 21 Jan

    I can’t believe I found this picture, it’s from THE game of my childhood!

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