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11. Februar 2018 / Categories :  Aynbath

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A Dark Fantasy Universe

Join this dark fantasy graphic novel project as a member of the circle. You will get notified about the new occult art pieces and short stories from the universe of Aynbath. No matter if zines, posters cards or comics – you will get a discount on everything and special offers.
Aynbath contains philosophical and spiritual topics mantled into dark fantasy and cinematic style short stories.

dark fantasy


First Attempt on Graphic Novels

I am new to this approach and it’s an interesting challange to tell stories through panels and sequences. I’d be glad to have you on board and tell me your thoughts!

Occult Art Inspired

The project is heavily inspired by occult and spiritual teachings, by black metal and sludge, dark photography and nature. I hope to achieve a immersive impression for the readers and have every graphic novel one-shot radiate an artifact-like feeling.

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