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7. November 2018 / Categories :  Aynbath

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Hello circle and followers,

it’s finally time to reveal the first important character in the Aynbath stories. Some glimpse already has been revealed through the first Aynbath Cards, on “Storm of Doubts” and “Θάνατος μεσο Σκέψη”. Some looked in awe and grabbed the “card with the dark saint”. Many loved the Thanatos card and its mystery.

dark fantasy cards

I want to start with a short poem of mine, called Siegel III. It’s one of three connected poems and it fits well with the intention behind Thorns.
[Translation: “I am the mirror, I am remains. My seal is breaking, your change is mine.”]


Siegel III

“Ich bin der Spiegel,
Ich bin Gebein.
Mein Siegel bricht,
Dein Wandel mein.”


The Protagonist

“What’s his name?” Well,  I will only refer to him as “The Torn”. His true identity is not supposed to be revealed yet. But I can tell you some brief things about him: He is following a path not visible to eyes – he thinks he is man’s enemy, he thinks he is free of invisibles shackles. Identified with what he does The Torn is immersed in this mission to wake up from the all-veiling weird haze – to find purpose. By working through old tomes he tries to find it. Fascination fills him and drives him, although his mind is darkened by grim convictions. He grew up in a backland village and if you want to know what inspired him to become a mage see this post.

As you can see he is calling the consecrated knife from the Rain Sequence his own. It will play a major role in the upcoming graphic novel short Thorns.

aerozopher character concept art for aynbath

Story Appearances

Like all Aynbath characters he exists in the world and is not necessarily limited to one storyline. I plan on having characters meet each other or their lifes being intertwined throughout the stories in Aynbath’s lore. I want to have people dig into all the stuff and find out more interesting background infos about the one character that brought them into the project.

Read his first official appearance in this sequence; it includes an animated scene too:

dark fantasy comics

He will also be the protagonist of the first graphic novel short Thorns:

thorns occult art comic

Tell me what you think in the comments (:


Character Concept Art

As I promised here some sketches and concepts for the bottle and the knive. I’ve built an actual sigil mask in the beginning – you can see the test sketches from the refs in the middle bottom. The big illu on the left is a shot of his equipment and chest pieces without the shoulder throw. I also included one of the variations I did for his mask design, which is a bit more black metal.

occult mage character art


Update: Special Artwork

I did a hand embellished fine art print of the Grey Fates Tarot Artwork (The Mage) of The Torn. Finally tried that out and I must say I like it a lot.

Click here for the original instagram post (AUG 2019).

aynbath tarot mage


Looks Interesting?

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