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24. March 2020 / Categories :  Aynbath

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Hey, it’s about time for a new update!
There was much rumble going on last year and I was moving in January and February. On top of that now the whole corona affair is exploding..
It’s long overdue for me to present a few cool appearances of The Torn, the protagonist of Rain and more upcoming story segments.


Appearance as TCG Card

Okay, this one is crazy: Being active on facebook just in some groups I saw there is a collectible card game initiated by Comic Solidarity. Which was a group I saw at Comic Salon in 2018. They are working on supporting the german indie comic scene and are organizing various things, while also appearing on conventions with a big table full of all kinds of creations. The idea of the game is that every comic artist can join and design his protagonist(s) as collectible card (under certain defined rules) and so I thought: Damn that’s cool and why not join?

Below the official presentation of my card and on the right a photo from comic solidarity’s instagram, short after they had printed the cards and started to shuffe them.

spielmich der durchbohrte

So I joined even though I am probably not really fitting into the whole scheme. I’m the darkest artist after Giske Grosslaub, which luckily I also met at the Comic Salon and became friends with. She’s one of my convention art mates and we also did ones as neighbours (: Go check her out too, she finished her great urban fantasy comic Obscurus and is working on more cool stuff.

You can buy the cards from the artists directly or you can buy booster packs from (German only). The booster packs then could contain special cards not available from the artists. The system of the game is a simple quartet with special abilities.

On the left you can see my card with a special ability and on the right Giske’s really cool card (also with an ability). I just love her design with that bloody background. The game is fun for a while and I can’t wait to see more cards coming:

#spielmich sammelkarten


The Gray Fates Tarot

This was a really cool collection campaign for the Comic Con Germany Stuttgart in 2019. A complete tarot set with every artist painting two of the cards. They were randomly picked and I got the mage and the star (how fateful). The whole action was organized by a few artists, the one I met in the year before and even bought a gold print from was the beautiful ugly. She is doing some dark stuff and had even made some really cool ctulhu statues. That’s the story of how I came to illustrate two tarot motives. I didn’t dare to touch the topic before that.

gray fates tarot set mage

Fitting the time of the year I did the star at the end of 2018 right before the new year coming. And the mage just in the beginning of 2019 to ring in the new “age”, the year of initiation and so it came to be the year of two special things happening. They also are conceptually belonging together as you can see on the very left above. I ‘ve already created a banner artwork with both intertwined but have yet not printed it. Below you see a brief overview over all the cards.

gray fates tarot set

The collection campaign went as following: Every artist got a bunch of whole sets and besides that a lot of his own cards. The idea was that you could buy all the cards for 1 € each at the artists’ tables and by that you would check them all out and get around in the artist alley (: You could also buy the whole set for a higher price if you didn’t want to chase around for the tarot cards. Most of the whole sets were sold as far as I know. I still got a bunch of single cards of the Star and the Mage and will probably give them as present to special fans. Below you can see one card done by Giske and one done by The Beautiful Ugly next to my two tarot cards.

special gray fates tarot


My Gold-Embellished Ones

As you can see the version on the card is different than the actually first version (the blue one). It contains the four alchemical element signs for these were the classic aspects being shown in the classic Waits Tarot. Since blue was supposed to be the accent colour on the cards besides the gold highlights, I made the rest grey / black&white. I left the stream coming from above blue.

So, there are three versions and one of them is a simple one with two sigil glyphs only at the bottom of the illustration and I finally tried out gold-embellishment. I decided to do 3 limited high quality prints with gold embellishment (hand numbered, signed and limited to 3). These were printed on cotton paper in the best possible quality I could find online. The surface is absorbing all the light and you can’t see even a tiny bit of reflections on it.  Using my smallest brush I did the ouroborous ring and then I filled the rest of the aureole with the gold color.

I framed these, sold two online shortly after posting them and still have one left. If you are interested just mail me (contact page).

tarot: the mage gold embellsihed


Print of the Tarot Mage

At several conventions in 2019 I sold a version similar to the gold embellished one and short before my last convention of 2019, the Vienna Comic Con, I modified the motive even further. Three A2 prints were also in my baggage and they all sold there. It was a great convention together with my mate Ina Auderieth – we had neighbouring double-tables and an epic corner set up. She is specialized in tarot altogether and soon will finish her own complete arcana. She’s also the one helping me with understanding the cards, thank you so much Ina.

Below you can see the 2020 Version of the Artwork, which is available as print in my shop. Click the image to get to the print:

the mage tarot illustration


Convention Loot Impressions

Met so many heartful and great people on conventions. I love it. Nothing compared to all this faceless emotionless online-liking. Thank you so much for supporting me and sharing your amazement!! Some examples from instagram:

people going crazy over aynbath


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