Mašarru – The 1st Chapter

5. October 2019 / Categories :  Aynbath

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masarru header

Hey guys,

I’ve hold back the process of this one for the last few months because I often lost the muse in the past by lifting the veil too early. My life is full of change and preparations for a big shift. Still I could not defend myself against this power stream coming in. Between hard physical work at the construction site of our future home I had short time spans to do some art and reconnect to the source of this new load.

The style of this new story line is very different from anything else I do for Aynbath, you may wonder. This all is on purpose and you will understand later why.

The name “Mašarru” is pronounced Muh-shuh-rou, for those who wonder about the weird name. It is based on ancient akkadian language.


Start Reading Chapter I

I know I said I dislike webcomics! And I really mean these that always update like 1 page and your reading is disrupted by a week of waiting every time. For Masarru I want to update in chapters and there are at least 2 more to come.

masarru the webcomic

*You can change the language to german on the subsite



Soundtrack Mixtape

Finally I also made a compilation of diverse songs fitting the theme of the comic. It contains ethereal folk, archaic music and drone soundscapes. Don’t hesitate to comment on youtube if you like it or give me a thumb up if you like it. Of course this can also be listened to while reading the comic, but the reading time of the comic is maybe around 15 minutes, the soundtrack is much longer than that!

soundtrack mixtape


Initial Drawings

Oh and I wanted to share the initial ballpoint sketches for Mašarru. I had this vehement vision while sitting in the train and luckily had my tiny sketch book with me so I could just then put down those two tiny drawings of the protagonist. Just as the whole tree is already existing in the tiny seed, I think the whole journey coming through and manifesting was kind of contained in those first visions. Or maybe her appearing to me was the key to open this gateway? Who knows..

masarru sketch


Reviews and Opinions

Please feel free to let us all know how you liked it, what your thoughts were, down in the comment section. You don’t need any account to comment on this blog!

“In this series we observe the protagonist on it’s path to an unknown destination – a promising beginning.
This work immediately reminded me of Rolands journey in the famous Dark Tower series of Stephen King – similar symbolism and story mood.
It is so important to catch the eye and interest during the first pictures – the Masarru story really does!
The drawings transcend a deep symbolic meaning even within the first few sections of this comic. One can really sink into the symbols and the atmosphere of the pictures. The archetype of the masked wanderer, the crossroad and the encounter with the animalistic ambassador immediately build up a deeper interest in the plot and are indications for more mysteries to come. The sigils and symbols appearing between the texts and pictures have a dark spirit of their own and stay in the subconscious mind.

From the atmospheric story to more technical details:
The drawings are greatly executed and fit together perfectly well. The change between wide angle, close up drawings and sigils give the reader a realistic overview about the expanse of the plot and the region the protagonist is crossing. The wandering is implemented through various artistic techniques of illustrating movement. Also a hint to the religious system of the world, we are gazing into is yet presented in the first chapter.
I recommend reading, of course! But I’d also advise to look more closely into the symbols, appearances and details of the individual drawings. The artist understood his task of creating gateways to our subconciousness and was able to drag the reader into a mystic disposition which let’s the mind wander. I’m already curious what will be revealed in the further process of the story!”

Ina Auderieth, Tarot & Symbolism

ina auderieth


“Masarru is unlike any comic I’ve ever read. The accompanying soundtrack literally brought the images to life in my mind’s eye and the mysterious intricate symbolism woven throughout the storyline makes it feel like the world of Masarru is real and ancient.”

Mr. G, Creator of Gott’s Symbols

gott's symbols




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    fred / 05 Oct

    Excellent work.. an interesting atmosphere.. I love it

  • Reply

    Seven Swords / 05 Oct

    Hey, I spent most time looking at the pictures. Great art!

  • Reply

    lazybones / 05 Oct

    what the ****
    never seen anything like that!

  • Reply

    Helikrunr / 08 Oct

    Love the soundtrack and love the art.
    Superb work.

  • Reply

    Brandino Nebitt / 08 Oct

    It’s like Journey meets Dark Souls by way of David Lynch.

  • Reply

    08532V32 / 11 Oct

    I like your style. keep it up.

  • Reply

    MarkusDS / 11 Oct

    Your artwork is very professional I must say. Thumbs up on that mate

  • Reply

    coudlai / 11 Oct

    So Fucking Awesome! *-*

  • Reply

    pandayboss / 23 Oct

    Art and words are very enchanting and how you put them together are really absorbing. I love the character. Wow!

    Magnificent work!

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