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17. June 2018 / Categories :  Aynbath

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Hey you,

I had my first cons now and I think I am hooked. Next year will be a blast. Now something for the collectors: Since my trip to Slovenia last year I had repeatedly zines in my head and so I finally made one as a Preview for people to look into the project and get some impressions. I sold more than a third of them at the Comic Salon in Erlangen in the first few days of June (apart from the load of post cards and big A3 prints).

Edition: Limited to 30 (numbered)

Content: 16 Pages (A6)

They got a thick cover and back and are printed on matte paper. I will continue selling them on conventions alongside the post card set till they are sold out. Below you can see some photos of the zine, where I do not show everything though. There is some exclusive content in there you won’t find anywhere else!

As with the Preview Card Set you can order one of the Zines or the whole Preview Set by sending me a mail (or buying it in my shop) Edit: SOLD OUT.

Ihr könnt eins der Zines oder das ganze Preview Set (Zine + Alle Karten) bei mir via Mail bestellen. Mehr Details unter “Grab a Zine”.

dark fantasy occult zine

Some Shots of the Zine

It contains a brief description of the project and explanation of the name, but also an intro text adressed to the reader. Nearly the whole zine is filled with painted illustrations of several scenes. It builds the atmosphere and gives a small insight into how the project will feel and look like in printed form.

dark occult art zine

The middle part is split up into illustrated 2-page-spreads, from casting mages to wide landscapes.

occult art zine

First and still only look into a whole destillation/sigilizing process from my Daerkham glyph text to final Daerkham Sigil. Paired with a minimalist illustration.

sigil magick

First appearance of a so called Demon. This being is from the demonic sphere of Angst/Fear.

demon first appearance

This spread shows a graphic sigil illustration yet unpublished and the intro text “We are the chosen ones”.

runes and glyphs


Want to grab a Zine?

You can either buy a Zine in my etsy shop or mail me at aerozopher(at) On conventions I sell a Preview Set, which includes the First Card Set and the Zine.
The Zines are limited to 30 and numbered. I will not reprint them, ever! (Half of the spreads are exclusive artworks!)

-> etsy shop


It is sold out now!

Want to see what others said about the zine and their purchase? Read their reviews on etsy here:

-> buyer reviews


First Appearance On Cons

The ones to first get the zines were visitors at the Comic Salon Erlangen. Below you can see two photos of my set up:

comic salon erlangen aynbath


Looks Interesting?

Join my exclusive list to see concepts, sketches and other material when it is freshly posted.

You will also get discounts on the finished products when you are on the list!

dark fantasy comic


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    Ich kann es nicht erwarten, dass mehr kommt

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