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29. May 2018 / Categories :  Aynbath

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Hey guys,

here it is, the Aynbath Preview Card Set!

They are post card sized and got a printed backside. I am selling them on conventions, but you can also buy them in my shop as a bundle. For those who bought them on the conventions: here is some more in-depth information on the cards themselves.

You can find the prices below the description part. Thank you so much for your support dear purchasers!


Description of the Preview Cards

(For those who purchased them at conventions or for those interested in them. From left upper corner to right lower corner.)

aynbath dark occult art cards

Clash of the Cults

This is an illustration of four characters with their respective favorite magic alphabets above them. For this is one of my plans for Aynbath: Having different world views and approaches meet each other. Two of the alphabets are mine (already shortened, sigilized), the other two being rather well known in occult knowledge.

Storm of Doubts

This one is a shot from the upcoming short graphic novel Thorns. The protagonist is physically fighting through a sandstorm, while inside being crippled by negative thoughts and doubts. The following card is part of the same sequence:

Θάνατος μεσο Σκέψη

Also being a piece from Thorns, it does represent, through my own sigil creations, the process of the holy aureole of pure being getting shattered. Infiltrated by an uncontrolled malfunctioning mind that taints the silence of the observer with doubts and judging. “The mind makes a good servant, but a poor master.”

Fascinating Terror

This card shows a journal page of someone deceased in a demon attack, depicting and describing several demons. On the top you see a bust of a Würghals (do you know the feeling of fear tying up your throat?) and the Rauchriese (a giant tower-like creature overwatching the scenery and secreting the black smoke, that brings an onholding night to the area).

Bercwen Incarnated

Bercwen is the young birch goddess, here just growing the physical dryad-like body. With the white color she’s one of the holy mother’s sacred triad of Red, Black and White. She represents renewal and protection and just like birch wood she wards off evil energies. The birch is the pioneer tree – the first one to grow in burnt landscapes.

The Black Passage

It’s like a huge dark sculpture of a battle, but it is in fact a planar splinter, created by an unknown and extremely powerful mage. All the warriors, in acts of slaughter, pain, triumph and death are completely covered in black. Thus the name Black Passage. It is probably a manifestation from memories and connects two portals like a tunnel.


occult cults of aynbath


Want to have the Set?

You can either order via sending me a direct mail to aerozopher(at) or you purchase the bundle in my shop. Those cards are limited and will not be reprinted!

-> shop (Bundle Sold Out)

(Edit: I’m only selling the left ones on conventions from now on)

(: If you join my Aynbath list you’ll get a 15%-off-code with the next update!)

The first ones who got their hands on the cards were visitors at the RPC Köln. See some photos of my set up below:

rpc köln, me selling my aynbath cards


Looks Interesting?

Join my exclusive list to see concepts, sketches and other material when it is freshly posted.

You will also get discounts on the finished products when you are in the list.

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    Chris / 30 May

    Looks rad – can’t wait to see more. l have sent you my order!

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    Jan / 05 Jun

    I love bercwen so much

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    Rebecca Newton / 02 Feb

    I discovered your Aynbath Cards on Etsy. What an interesting project. I’ve not seen anything comparable yet. Keep up the great work!

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    Alphina / 07 Mar

    What a great discover. Thank you for sharing <3

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    liza / 07 Mar

    Found you on ntopaz. I’m so impressed with your pieces

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