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15. September 2018 / Categories :  Aynbath

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Hello and welcome,

I  decided to create a small web-comic-like short sequence as a bridge to the Thorns story. Rain is like a prelude to Thorns. This graphic novel format I decided to use from now on is more resource-straining than I thought! Partly it’s the time but it’s also the conceptionalizing and headaches over what and how to tell. From daydreams and visions the urge manifested more and more in me to bring to you Rain right now. Its protagonist is The Torn. It was also an interesting testing of my workflow and a great small experiment of the combination of graphic panels and classy panels. I hope you find the animation I am trying out here as immersing as I do (:  I’d be glad to hear your opinions! Enjoy:

(Die deutsche Übersetzung findet ihr darunter)

 [🔈 Click here to have a rain soundscape while looking. 🔈]

#1: Ihre Worte hallten in meinem Kopf wieder: „Vergiss nicht, dass jeder Fluch auch ein Segen ist..“

#2: „Nimm dieses geweihte Messer – es soll das Werkzeug sein durch welches das Feuer deines Bewusstseins brennen wird. Dieses Geschenk
wird jedoch nie vollkommen deine Hände erreichen, denn es ist ein Prozess.“ sagte sie. „Brenne hell und bestimmt. Erkenne dich selbst!“


About the Sequence

Shedding light onto yourself is shedding light onto the world, I think everyone of you has heard some variation of this already. An important part of this process is first hand knowledge in my opinion, which comes not through reading and listening, but through true experience. Additionally the way we think shapes the way we percieve and the way we deal with things – greatfulness is what I want to be filled with at all times. Greatfulness implies you got a gift beforehand and since (I believe) it is all a cycle in our inner world gifts will come your way to confirm your gratitude and so on…


Dark Graphic Novels rather than a Fantasy Webcomic

I’ve looked into the webcomic format over and over again.. and I just don’t like to read one site a week, for the progression of the story is so painstakingly slow.. It would be less annoying if you were able to subscribe these via mail, but not everyone is offering this. Is it to oldschool to go mail? I’m still swearing on mail-lists in these times of fickle social media streams with their unpredictable algorithms messing up everything. Even though I will probably not do this long-stretched web comic format, I still will do such a sequence from time to time here on.


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  • Antworten

    Necromujahid / 16 Sep

    Beautiful sequence! I adore especially the images #3, #4 and #6 with their high-detailed style. The surprising animated one is also cool. Great artwork as usual 😉 keep it up!

    • Antworten

      Aerozopher / 20 Sep

      Thank you! I wish I could see your face when you saw the animation popping up hehe

  • Antworten

    Jan / 16 Sep

    Holy crap, that animation is great! You’ve really put in some work into that rain

  • Antworten

    Shak / 16 Sep

    Absolutly D O P E.

  • Antworten

    Ankhnaten / 16 Sep

    the paneling is soo dope! the animation is great touch too.

  • Antworten

    Johannes Spiegel-Schmidt / 19 Sep

    Bilder, die fast keine Worte mehr brauchen.
    Worte, die vielschichtige Bilder erzeugen.

    Tanz der Seelen in abgründiger Tiefe wie schwindelnder Höhe.
    ´Mythogramme´ als ausdrucksstarke Sprache einer lautlosen Seele.

    ´Bilder einer Ausstellung´ als Beginn deines Opus Magnus auf dem langen, beschwerlichen Weg vom Schwefel zum Gold – unter Gold machst du es ja wohl nicht, so wie ich dich kennengelernt habe… Nix für ungut, hasta la proxima!
    Hobe´di´ehre Johannes

    • Antworten

      Aerozopher / 20 Sep

      Hey Johannes,

      schön dass die Sequenz so anklang findet bei dir! Diese Art von Eindruck war damit mein Ziel (;


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